Belmont Windows Spacer Performance




  • Cam lock action draws sashes closer together for positive lock
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail: Integral interlock provides additional security
  • Heavy walled PVC framing acts as a natural insulator
  • Closed cell compression seal at sloped sill resists air and water penetration
  • Fin-Seal weather stripping at sill further reduces air infiltration
  • 3/4″ Insulating glass provides optimum energy efficiency
  • Dual hollows at lift rail add strength and insulation
  • InnovativE® high-performance glass utilizes Low E coating specifically engineered for local requirements
  • “Warm edge” low conductance spacer resists energy flow through the edge of the glass
  • Rigid leg on sill prevents “screen rattle” even on windy days
  • Double strength glass is standard
  • Three layers of weatherstripping are standard on all sashes
  • Full lift rails for ease of operation